Admissions Process

Students are admitted to Concord Christian School without the regard to race, color, national and ethnic origin. Students enrolling should have a desire for a Christ-centered education.

  1. The age requirements for admission to CCS are identical to those established by the state of North Carolina. A child entering kindergarten must be five years of age by August 31; Students entering the Pre-K program must be four years of age before October 16.
  2. Applicant and parents must be in agreement with CCS Education Philosophy and Statement of Faith.
  3. As a private institution CCS reserves the right to set and maintain its own standards for conduct, dress code and scholarships.

Immunization Requirements

North Carolina laws require that all children entering school submit health forms showing that all requirements have been met. Health examinations, health history and certification of immunizations are all prerequisites. The law requires all children entering pre-school through the various grades have proof of the necessary immunizations.

Admissions Procedures 

To enroll a student at Concord Christian School the following requirements must be met:

___1. Application for Admission (with $200.00 application fee for the year)
___2. Transcript Release Form
___3. Medical Release Form
___4. Parental Agreement
___5. Copy of Birth Certificate and Social Security Card
___6. Current Immunization Record and Physical Examination
___7. Copy of latest Report Card and /or Testing Information
___8. Interview with the principle. The interview will be scheduled upon receipt and review of all application forms.
___ 9. Letter of acceptance received.


Re-Enrollment will be held during the month of February for the following year. Currently enrolled students will be given priority until March 1. After that date registration will be on a first-come basis.

Transfer of Students

Upon the request of the school division to which a student is transferring, the parent must supply the student’s last report card. Permission of the parent, guardian, or other person is not required for such transfer.

Informational Changes

It is imperative that parents/guardians inform the school office of any pertinent changes in information.

Domestic Actions

During registration it is the parent’s responsibility to inform the CCS personnel of any custody arrangements and provide a copy of the court records. Student records are private and will not be shown to anyone other than the custodial parent. CCS understands that from time to time a personal crisis may occur in the home. These types of events affect young children. Although we do not wish to invade anyone’s privacy, a note or phone call makes us aware of the situation and allows us to properly respond to the needs of your child during this time.